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Castings - Frequently Asked Questions

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Castings -Frequently Asked Questions

Where are stainless steel castingstypically used?
Stainless steel castings are put to use throughout various industries. They arecommonly used in food processing equipment, valve components, power generationequipment, hydroelectric facilities as well as petrochemical and heat treatfurnace parts.

Why is investment casting called thelost wax process?
During the investment casting process a part pattern is made out of wax. Thewax part is coated with a shell (usually ceramic) and heated to melt the waxout of the center. Once the wax is lost, molten material is poured into thecavity where a metal part is formed.

What is sand casting?
Sand casing is the process of using a mold cavity formed out of sand to createmetal parts. Iron, steel, and stainless steels are commonly poured into sandmolds. Sand castings have a rough, irregular surface; therefore a finishingprocess is usually performed in order to smooth the casting.

When should you use investment casting?
Investment casting is best used when the part design calls for intricacies andclose dimensional tolerances. It involves more steps than sand and variousother types of castings. In addition investment casting can be used to createthinner sections of metal.

When should you use sand casting?
Sand casting is less expensive than investment casting, but the final part isrougher. Products made through sand casting may require additional finishingbefore it is complete.

What materials can be used in castings?
Casting materials include aluminum alloys, bronze, tool steels, stainlesssteels, Stellite, carbon steels, Hastelloys and precious metals.

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