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Differences in performance and features of brief forgings and castings

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To improve its organizational structure and mechanical properties of the metal after forging. Casting organization after forging method of thermal processing deformation due to deformation and recrystallization of the metal, so that the original coarse dendrites and columnar grains become finer grain, uniform size equiaxed recrystallized organization, so the ingot original segregation loose, porosity, slag compacted and welded together, the organization become more closely to improve the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal.

In general, the mechanical properties of the casting below forgings mechanical properties of the same material. In addition, the forging process to ensure the continuity of the metal fibrous tissue, the forging of fibrous tissue and forgings shape consistent, complete line of metal flow, you can ensure that the parts have good mechanical properties and long life precision forging, cold extrusion production of forgings, warm extrusion process, are casting can not match.

Diesel engine forgings

The diesel engine is a kind of power machinery, it can be used to make the engine. For example, large diesel engines used in forging a cylinder head, spindle neck, the output shaft of the crank end flange, connecting rod, piston rod, the piston head, the crosshead pin, the crank drive gear, a ring gear, the intermediate gear and the dye pump body more than ten.

Marine forgings

Marine forgings divided into three categories, the host of forgings, shafting the forgings and rudder forgings. Host forgings diesel engine forgings. Shafting forgings thrust shaft, intermediate shaft stern shaft.

Petrochemical forgings

Forgings has a wide range of applications in the petrochemical equipment. Such as the various spherical tank manhole, flange, heat exchanger tube plate, the tube section used by the the welded flange catalytic cracking reactor entire forging cylinder (pressure vessels), hydrogenation reactor, fertilizer The equipment required for the top cover, bottom cover, head, etc. forgings.

Mine forgings

Calculated by weight of equipment, mining equipment in forging the proportion of 12-24%. Mining equipment: mining equipment, hoisting equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, washing equipment, sintering equipment.

Nuclear forgings

Nuclear power is divided into the PWR and BWR two categories. The nuclear power plant large forgings can be divided into the pressure hull and reactor components two categories.

The pressure shell containing: cylinder flange, nozzle segments, nozzles, the upper part of the cylinder, the lower part of the cylinder, the transition section of the cylinder, bolts.

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