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Forging Processes

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Open Die Forging

The metal being shaped during open die forging is not completely confinedduring the process, which derives the name open die forging. Open die forginguses hammers and presses to shape metal parts anywhere from 5 to 500,000 lbs.

The open die forging process allows for some irregularitiesbetween forgings. The metal is usually rough machined and then finish machinedto achieve final dimensions.

The metal used in open die forging may be heated to aboverecrystallization temperature and then reheated several times before the finalproduct is achieved.

Impression Die Forging
In impression die forging, two dies are brought together, squeezing the metalcausing it to fill the die impression. Depending on the design, metal can beallowed to flow outside of the dies or can be allotted no escape. Theimpression die forging process usually requires one hit through a die cavityfor the metal.

The impression die forging process relies heavily on the work ofthe dies and less on the work of the operator.

Ring rolling is a highly engineered process resulting in seamless rings orforgings. The rings can be produced on a variety of pieces of equipment, all ofwhich produce a seamless section with a circumferential grain orientation.Ring-rolling offers a cost savings over closed-die processes.

Extrusion occurs when a container is filled with the source material that isthen forced by pressure into an orifice. The process can occur in forward or inreverse depending on requirements for the finished product.

The final product of extrusion can be either solid or hollow.

The process of piercing is similar to that of reverse extrusion. The maindifference is that there is greater movement of the punch in comparison to theworkpiece material.

Secondary Processes
In many instances after the initial forging process is concluded, secondaryprocesses are implemented to change the condition of the forgings. Secondaryprocesses include, heat treating, machining, plating, painting, drilling,welding and otherwise fabricating.

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