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Open up the blue ocean of the domestic industry of mold standard parts

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As a production mold standard parts, must increase scientific and technological innovation, mass production, to ensure product quality, based on the market demand, so as to achieve a qualitative leap, the amount of breakthrough, product upgrades, has opened a new sea of blue.

The past two years, raw materials prices continue abroad mold standard parts manufacturers continue to impact the market, which makes domestic manufacturers by multiple pressures, technology improvements and productivity gains has become the consensus of the standard parts enterprises.

Order to adapt to the changes of the mold market, companies have varying degrees of low adjust the structure of the company's products, choose according to their actual strengths of products for professional production, strive to improve product quality, reduce production costs, shorten lead times, to meet user requirements. take the initiative in the mold standard parts market competition.

Mold standard parts enterprises to improve the level of product technology, reduce costs, CNC machining, electrical processing equipment, special surface treatment, vacuum heat treatment, casting, solid casting, in addition, also provides users with 3D standard digital-to-analog shorten mold design cycle. , The relative strength of strong business made a lot of improvements in the scale of investment in equipment as well as the scale of production, price, lead time, quality and after-sales service in person also simultaneously strengthen the comparative advantage and seize market share to small mold standard parts manufacturers caused a lot of pressure to survive.

2012, for all the "winter", especially industrial, many of them at the edge of bankruptcy, the survival of small and medium enterprises is more difficult, however, this is a challenge and an opportunity, a large area of the reshuffle, will be eliminated from number of the lack of technological innovation, no sense of responsibility of enterprises, fishing in troubled waters always a farce, the only real strength to win in the shuffle, next time, companies need to do is to strengthen the strength, quality technology to speak, in a Red Sea opened up their own blue ocean.

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