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Advanced production equipment, improve the detection means, professional engineering team and excellent quality control system for you to create high-quality products and comprehensive services.
Various machinery parts OEM and ODM services
Wuxi Philloy Machinery Co., Ltd is dedicated in the field of manufacturing and sourcing engineering components, machined metal products and garden machinery for our overseas clients and partner from China market. We have been providing our customers: Lost wax castings; Investment castings; Open die forgings; Closed die forgings; Rolled ring forgings and providing semi-finish machining and full machining services to our customer’s requirement. The main materials of our products are: Carbon steel, Alloy Steel; Stainless steel; Heat resistant Steel; Grey iron, Ductile Iron, Aluminum,Brass etc.

High quality garden machines services
Except machinery and industrial components, Wuxi Philloy also provides and sources high quality and excellent performance garden machinery, agriculture equipment, forestry machinery, such as Lawn mowers, Brush cutters, Outdoor blowers and Vacuums, Hedge trimmers, Chainsaw, Pole saws, Multifunctional tools, Sprayers, Etc. Wuxi Philloy always is your helper and keeps your garden green and perfect.

Our Certificates
Wuxi Philloy is an ISO9001:2008 certified company by MOODY International. All activities in our company are exactly to the ISO9001 quality control system, which ensures we can provide high quality products to our customers.

Our Team
Wuxi Philloy also has an engineer team which covers casting, forging and machining processes to provide technical services. Our engineer team can give our customers professional suggestion based on their drawings and quality requirement on selecting manufacturing processes to reduce our customer’s purchasing cost.

  • 1000+Users

  • 25+Country

  • 3000+Set

Our mission
"High quality,On time delivery and competitive price" is the policy of Wuxi Philloy. We are ensuring our customers that they will have their components they need when they need.

The industries we are currently serving:
 . Automotive industry
. Wind Power industry
. Road Construction industry
. Heat Treat industry
. Valve industry
. Pump industry
. Excavator industry
. Coal and mine Machinery industry
. Food Machinery
. Garden machinery
. Agriculture equipment
. Forestry machinery

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Investment casting Lost wax casting
Industrial furnace parts No-ferrous metal parts
Garden machinery
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